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So What is SOU all About?

October 9, 2018

Upon arrival at Studio Owner University® (SOU), you notice right away that something feels different than when you are at other events.

Maybe it’s the camaraderie which seems to spill out of every conversation; maybe it’s the five-star customer service you encounter with every More Than Just Great Dancing® (MTJGD) team member. The energy in the room immediately lifts your mood and the air seems to vibrate with anticipation before each session.

The power of SOU isn’t just from its curriculum, its people or its service. There is no single aspect that overshadows the rest. Just like a deftly-planned piece of choreography, the magic happens when it all comes together: Misty, her team, the content, the Tribe. Your transformation as a studio owner begins the moment you feel the combined influence and are inspired to take action.

Studio Owner University® – got its name because it is an education. It’s the university-style, dance studio-specific courses that you didn’t get before opening your business—and simply can’t get anywhere else!

All of this sounds great but what can you actually expect from attending SOU? Here are some of the highlights of what it’s like…


If you don’t already know Misty personally, you will! As the founder of More Than Just Great Dancing® and the virtuoso behind multiple businesses, Misty’s presence at SOU is constant as she jumps at each chance to interact with attendees directly. She orchestrates every concept that is taught, personally leads many of the sessions and is known for surprising members with bonus content and guest speakers. Misty also holds additional sessions for MTJGD’s Pro and Enterprise members at every SOU to maximize the benefits included in their experience.

The Content

If you’ve been to other business seminars before and thought, “OK, I’ve heard this before,” then you’ll be pleased to know that the content at SOU is always fresh. Although certain topics may surface in a “rinse and repeat” fashion, the material taught is new and relevant to the industry’s current challenges. From hiring and management to the ever-changing world of social media marketing, SOU shines a spotlight on the most pressing topics that studio owners need to study. It’s truly like being in school for your business!

The Vendors

The vendors at SOU are not there just to give away freebies and sell their wares; they are looking to develop relationships and to serve your studio. With that in mind, attendees are able to schedule individual appointments with vendors to ask specific questions about their products and services. This dedicated one-on-one time gives you the opportunity to more fully understand what a vendor offers and how it can benefit your studio. It’s also a chance to capitalize on the opportunity for a personal meeting and to make suggestions to vendors you already use.

The Tribe

Just like with a dance class, being at SOU forms the bonds of friendships for a lifetime. It’s no exaggeration to say that when you meet people in the Tribe face-to-face, it’s like meeting long-lost friends. One of the most refreshing parts about SOU is that attendees are all there for the same reasons: they want to learn and grow and improve their studios. They don’t want to waste time complaining or gossiping. They just want to get stuff done!

For so many studio owners, business ownership can sometimes feel lonely. You love your family, your employees, and your friends, but they just don’t understand the level of work and responsibility you juggle on a day-to-day basis. SOU not only teaches you how to be a better business owner, it reminds you that you’re not alone. There is a whole Tribe of people who feel the same successes, challenges, wins, and burdens—a whole Tribe with whom you belong.

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