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July 25-26, 2023


MTJGD™ Member Rally is a chance for More Than Just Great Dancing!® Members to re-center themselves and their business! In these two days, members will learn leadership skills and how to balance business life with home life while networking together.

August 3-4, 2023

MTJGD™ Teacher Training provides cutting edge content and training for YOUR teachers! This is an amazing opportunity to start your season with training your full teaching staff to use best practices and standards of excellence.

October 23-27, 2023


MTJGD™ Certified Coach Training teaches studio owners to master how to articulate their expertise, prepare for speaking engagements, coaching, and effective communication overall.

February 12-15, 2024

Studio Owner University® is the industry’s FIRST university-styled training designed for Studio Owners. Join us for 3 days of cutting-edge content to move your business forward! We focus on the most important areas of your studio business and connect you with like-minded business owners in your industry. You and your business will never be the same!

Coming Soon!


MTJGD™ Masters Days are 4-hour, deep dive courses that are focused on a single area of business (Staff, Systems, Customer Experience, Finances, Profitability, etc). 

Coming Soon!

MTJGD™ Teacher Talks are short virtual webinars, designed to keep dance teachers learning throughout the year!