About Us

“We don’t teach kids to make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids.”
Misty Lown

Misty Lown is the founder, president and energized force behind More Than Just Great Dancing® – A licensed dance studio affiliation program that has a positive impact on over 120,000 dance students around the globe each week.  Her professional accomplishments in giving back to the community are on a scale seldom seen by small businesses owners.

A large part of Misty’s sky-high energy level is rooted in grassroots charitable giving. Misty’s Dance Unlimited, founded in 1998 and named a “Top 50 Studios in the Nation” by Dance Spirit Magazine, has provided over $500,000 in combined cash and studio scholarships for young women and recently founded the A Chance to Dance Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. She coordinated the popular “Dancing with the La Crosse Stars” event, which raised $400,000 for the local American Red Cross.

Misty has been a speaker at the PULSE Teachers Convention, Hollywood Connection, Dance Teacher Web, Dance Teacher Summit, and the DanceLife Conference. She has also been the keynote speaker for the Australian Teachers of Dancing Convention and Victorian Dance Festival in Australia, the  Dance Teacher Expo and Entreprenuerial Leaders Organization in Canada, and Achieving Leadership Excellence in the US Virgin Islands.  Misty is a guest teacher with Dance Revolution Convention, a faith-based dance convention, and has authored over 70 industry articles.

She is a sought after speaker and business leader. She has been recognized as “Teacher of the Year” by Eclipse, “Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year” by the YWCA, awarded the “Pope John XXIII Award for Distinguished Service” by Viterbo University, the “Philanthropy Award” from the local Red Cross, the “President’s Award” from the La Crosse Area Development Corporation and the “President’s Award” from the Association of Professional Fundraisers.

Misty started dancing as a child and went on to study dance in New York, Los Angeles and London, attending summer school at Harvard, Colorado College, and earning a Masters of Education degree from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

Misty shares her methods of creating a professional environment where people learn and grow from the life experiences lived in the dance studio. Misty’s staff of 35 professionals are taught how to work professionally with parents and students–offering an experience where dance is the vehicle by which ever greater life lessons are taught daily. Sharing information, providing helpful observations, and giving feedback to parents, teachers and students is an essential part of the learning process that Misty delivers with More Than Just Great Dancing®. Misty has also shared her business methods as a guest blogger on SUCCESS.com.

Misty keeps it fun for all involved in her programs and recently took over leaderhip of Youth Protection Advocates in Dance as part of her commitment to keeping ALL kids “happy, healthy and safe in dance”. Year after year at competitions around the country her studio often is recognized with the “Sportsmanship Award” from competition directors who recognize the professional way in which Misty’s group presents themselves at events, on stage, and maybe more importantly, off stage. It is a difference that people notice and recognize. And it is a difference that More Than Just Great Dancing® will bring to your dance studio.

Misty is an entrepreneur at heart. In addition to her dance studio and licensing program, she owns a dance wear store, an AirBnB, a real estate development company and a self-storage business. She is the author of One Small Yes an Amazon #1 Bestseller that has been translated to Korean and Indonesian.

Misty’s favorite part of the day is spending time with her husband, Mitch and their beautiful children: Isabella, Mason, Sam, Max, and Benjamin.