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April 26, 2021

You may have noticed that in the past year we have ramped up production of our publication, INSight™ Magazine including The Recovery Edition (summer 2020) and Start Strong (winter 2020-21). I thought it might be fun to answer a few frequently asked questions here about INSight™ as we gear up yet again for a new issue. Our Build Up edition is slated to publish this July and it has what YOU need written all over it!

Where did INSight™ Magazine come from?

Several years ago, I created INSight™ as a small, annual magazine within More Than Just Great Dancing® membership. It was designed to highlight member success stories and provide actionable how-to articles as well as inspiration to our affiliated studios. I knew that one day I wanted to grow the publication for a wider audience, and just as our production team began to brainstorm our path forward, the pandemic hit. It became clear to me last spring that I needed to put my foot on the gas and expand our readership to the entire dance industry so that we could reach more studios, directors, and managers with important information to help us survive (and even thrive!) through the pandemic. We ALL needed to come together for recovery and inspiration! And so a wider variety of content and coaching was planned so we could reach MORE leaders and offer MORE advice, MORE support, and MORE motivation.

What makes INSight™ unique?

There are many awesome publications for dance teachers and business people, but with INSight™ we wanted to speak specifically to studio owners and their leadership teams. We wanted to be a business magazine with a big heart; the kind of publication that could give you excellent advice on finances or productivity, but also inspire you to be your best self and serve your own well-being as well as your staff and students. Not only that, we wanted the publication to pull double-duty, serving up relevant articles AND practical tools, like worksheets and activities, that would allow studio owners to put their new ideas to use right away. I’ve always been interested in coaching others to find SOLUTIONS not just to identify problems, and together with our contributing writers, INSight™ has made that level of mentorship a reality.

Is INSight™ a subscription?

Not yet! 🙂 Right now, INSight™ is published in individual editions, which can be purchased and read via digital flipbook or as a traditional print magazine. (Check out the FREE digital Start Strong edition here and then CLICK HERE for our pre-sale info for the Build Up edition!)

Who writes for INSight™? What types of articles can I expect to read?

Our contributors include a variety of MTJGD Certified Coaches™ as well as dance journalists and other experts in a specialized field. INSight™ has of-the-moment features, how-to articles with companion activities and worksheets, inspirational pieces, Q&As, vendor highlights, and much more. You can pick up any issue of INSight™ and see YOURSELF in the words on the page!

What if I have an idea for an article topic?

Send it our way! Complete this survey to tell us more about WHAT you like to read and HOW you like to read it.

How do I stay up-to-date on all things INSight™?

Stay on track with us by visiting and liking our MTJGD Facebook page and checking out our current and past INSight™ editions on our website! And don’t forget that you can get in on our next edition pre-sales: Just CLICK HERE for the info and expect to see the Build Up edition hit your inbox (or mailbox!) in July. 

I believe in the saying that “leaders are readers” … and it’s not only about books! Leaders consume information that helps them learn, grow, and do business well. I love being able to say that our readers ARE leaders, and that you are helping the dance industry become a better, stronger place for your staff, students, and community.

When I first started More Than Just Great Dancing®, becoming a magazine publisher wasn’t on my radar yet. But I have to say, the journey has been a fun one. And most of all, I LOVE being able to reach more studio owners with messages of smart business and positive impact. Here’s to YOU and your best business self!


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