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What’s in Your Control?

April 15, 2020

I have had moments during these past three weeks where I thought I could literally FEEL the worry crowding into my thoughts.

One look at a press conference (or at the school closures) and it would feel like my brain was slowing down and my heart was being squeezed by stress. 

I imagine you’ve probably felt moments like that too. You can’t help but feel a sense of overwhelm, especially when the events of the world are out of your control.

But, then the other day I saw a graphic that illustrated this perfectly. There were two circles, one inside the other. The outer circle included a multitude of things you might be concerned by, but that are out of your control: news reports, other people’s opinions, past mistakes, circumstances, the weather … you get the idea.

The inner circle, by contrast, included only things you can control, like your actions, attitude, ideas, choices, and responses.

I stared at this circle and immediately felt relief. Because of course I can only control what I can control! I just needed a reminder.

Maybe you do too?

It’s pretty easy right now to get stuck worrying about things that are out of your control. You can’t control COVID-19 and its effects on our world. You can’t control school or venue closures. You can’t control the economy, your government funding application status, or your child’s attitude about homework. So why not focus on what you CAN control?

I made myself a list and thought it might help you too:

It would be too easy for anyone to throw in the towel now and say, I can’t control this crisis. I give up. If you have felt that way at any point, my encouragement to you is this:

No, you can’t control this crisis…and maybe you’re not supposed to.

Maybe, instead, you were designed to persevere. To check-in with yourself and your family. To run your business with more efficiency and innovation. To prove that giving up is something you can choose not to do because that is one decision that IS in your control.

I believe we can all be informed by the news and yet refuse to be paralyzed it. I think we can accept this pandemic as a reality and still serve and support with an eye to the future. I know we can be an example for our kids of what it looks like to be challenged and still react with grit and grace.

My intent here is to emphasize that there ARE choices all around us, even when it feels like there aren’t. The situation we’re all in isn’t trivial by any means. But I do believe it’s a challenging time that is surmountable. Dance studio owners are some of THE most creative people on earth, and here we are adapting to a “new normal,” using our artistic abilities to keep the joy of dance alive in the hearts of our students.

Focus on what you can control, friends. 

Keep making a positive impact. Your business is worth it. YOU are worth it.

Love, Misty


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