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August 13, 2019

When I’m on the road coaching and speaking, I’m often asked, “How do you do it all?”

It’s a question that always gives me pause, because I don’t do it all.  Not all by myself.

People may see me and think I have some kind of secret system to accomplishing my goals or leading my businesses.  And I HAVE learned a lot of lessons about how to do those things better and better. But there’s no secret; there’s no shortcut.  I work hard, I love what I do, I ask for God’s guidance, and I am strong because of the people around me who do the same.

When I’m asked this question, I find myself reflecting on what I hope other people see about me.  I think about our recent More Than Just Great Dancing® Member Rally theme, which was “stronger together.”  

I truly believe that I can do what I do because I am stronger together with others.  And I hope when people see me speaking on stage or come up to have a conversation with me or look me up on social media, they see MORE of my reason for being than what I can express alone.

I hope that they see that I love my family

That “family first” is a value I hold near and dear in my life and in business.  My family members are my number one fans and my number one motivators, and they are at the core of my why when it comes to doing what I do.

I hope they see that my kids are hard workers

That even when I’m not at the studio, my kids are jumping in to help with odd jobs or to step out of their comfort zones and work at an event.  That they have their own entrepreneurial aspirations and personal goals, and are held to high standards.

I hope they see that I have a vision, but I can’t create it alone …

That I have businesses with talented team members that keep the wheels turning; that I have a tribe of studio owners and friends and peers in the industry who believe in the same things I believe and stand up for those beliefs.

I hope they see that my team members have a big heart  …

That they have a calling, that they are role models, that they are high-achievers.  Together we are having a positive influence in the dance industry, and none of us could do it without the other.  Everyone’s on the boat, and everyone’s rowing in the same direction.

I hope that they see that I believe WE are ALL stronger together, because going it alone in life caps your potential, but lifting each other up makes it limitless! 

I believe the dance world is one that needs more arms linked, more potential raised. Because we will all be better for it, which means our students and their families will never be served with less than our best.

If you are ever asked, “How do you do it all?” I hope you’ll reflect on the same kinds of answers.  Sure, you may do a LOT, and you may have learned a lesson or two on how to be more efficient or quick or productive … but I bet you don’t do it alone.  I bet that, like me, you are the product of many influences, much support, and lots of care.

Today I’m giving some extra gratitude to those who are stronger together with me.  I’m prouder than ever of what we are growing and building in the dance industry, and how awesome it is to share these messages on the road.  I hope that I’m able to allow people to see more of me than just what meets the eye.

Now, I ask you: What do YOU want others to see in you as you go through life?  Who will you reach out and thank, for helping you do what you do? I hope you’ll let me know about some of your answers.

To being seen and giving gratitude,

Love, Misty


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