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What Don’t You Know?

August 7, 2023

OK, so here’s a funny story: I had been driving the same car for five years. That’s five years’ worth of frigid—mostly downright arctic Wisconsin winters by the time I figured out that this car has a HEATED STEERING WHEEL. What!?

While my fingers cannot get those five years back, I am now officially basking in the glory that is a toasty steering wheel. I still cannot believe for all this time, I had no idea of this magic that existed in my car, right in front of me. I’m shaking my head in wonder as I type this.

It also made me think, though … 

However amusing it is that you could spend five years in this frozen tundra without knowing you had a warm steering wheel, it’s not so amusing to think of what ELSE you don’t know. For example: Have you ever uncovered something inside your business and thought, “How did I not know that!?” 

NOT amusing!

Countless times I have coached studio owners who have come to me saying that very thing. They might have discovered that a beloved program is actually a loss from a revenue standpoint or that, for years, they’ve been paying double the sales tax on their costume orders (both true stories!). It can be a downright bummer to realize what you don’t know about your business.


It’s also EMPOWERING. Knowing something’s wrong means you can fix it! When you miss key elements inside your business—and then suddenly they are right in front of you—it means you can DO something. ACTION is where solutions really begin to take shape.

That unprofitable yet beloved program may need a whole spreadsheet devoted to a two-year tuition-correction plan, followed by communications to your staff and a thoughtful rollout to your clients. The sales tax slip-up probably requires a call to your accountant as well as your state tax office so you can make the correct payments moving forward. Step by step, problems get solved. And new problems get uncovered. This is the cycle of entrepreneurship!! 

One of the best choices I continue to make for myself and for my business is continuing my own professional education. It helps me stay in tune with all areas of my work and dream bigger than I used to think possible! It also allows me to discover what I don’t know … and solve BETTER problems than I solved years ago. Having mentors and coaches in my life means I have people who challenge my ideas but also cheer me on. Being a part of mastermind groups and educational conferences means I am constantly learning, growing, and fine-tuning.

Now my question to you is this: Are you willing to go uncover what you don’t know? To probe and dig into your business to see what needs to be elevated? Are you excited about the possibilities that await? Hint: You should be. 🙂

I won’t sugarcoat it; this is deep work. (Much deeper than flipping a switch on your steering wheel!) But it’s also the work that leaders do. It’s how we get stronger and grow our influence. Just like good nutrition or an endorphin-filled run, the work you do on your business creates health. Take the leap to understand what you don’t know!

And look … if you need SUPPORT and TOOLS and a COMMUNITY of fellow problem-solvers, then joining More Than Just Great Dancing!® should be on your to-do list. Please get in touch with us HERE, and we can help you toward your goals. <3




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