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What Are You Building Up?

January 29, 2021

You might remember that several months ago, I had a major surgery. Over the course of my recovery, with healing and the help of physical therapy, I went from a wheelchair to a recliner to a walker to walking … and FINALLY to actually teaching a dance class (I subbed for my daughter one night in January—full circle moment!).

It is such a JOY to feel the freedom of movement again, after working so hard for so many months to gain basic skills and strength back. Today, I’m actually physically stronger than I was before the surgery. But it took a LOT of work. 

I believe that as business owners, what we’ve all been through during this pandemic season has been “surgery” of sorts. It’s been a shock to our systems, in so many ways. So now we must do the “physical therapy” of our bodies, minds, hearts, and business operations to become STRONGER than we could’ve been, had this time in history not happened. 

In my heart, I feel a sense that we need to build ourselves up this year, in all ways that need our attention. Each of us has experienced trauma in some way, shape, or form. And anytime there is a trauma you have to build back up. 

So here’s my question to you: What are YOU going to build up during this season of life and business? Here are some examples of what’s been on my mind:


Where will you seek stronger connections with people? Perhaps you need to clarify expectations and renew relationships with employees. Or maybe it’s time to build better relationships with your clients or vendors, especially since you may not see them in person as much due to physical distancing or virtual classes. Whose presence in your life do you need to nurture and cultivate?


How will you build up more muscle in your revenue and cash flow? For me, I’m analyzing every financial statement and system for improvements. The pandemic has shown me real-life examples of the importance of savings and smart money management. I want to continue to create more financial security for my business, which in turn creates security for my staff, clients, and students. 


Inside your business, what programs need to be expanded or cut? What success can you capitalize on? Where are you draining resources and need to pivot? The health of your organization depends on your ability to offer programs that have successful outcomes, not just programs you think you “should” have.


What will you do to promote your business this year? The time is past for you to be afraid to market! Yes, you need to be sensitive to your community and the climate of your clientele. But you also need to build your confidence back up when it comes to actively marketing your classes and programs. You are still a key part of the ecosystem of dance and the arts, and your local community needs you.

Personal Life

How will you reimagine your personal life, after the traumatic shake-up of the past year? Sure, your business still needs you, but so do your family members and friends. You have MANY reminders these days to be grateful for your health, and let’s not forget that your mental health is part of that equation. Emotionally, you CANNOT allow yourself to be consumed by work. What will you do to take care of yourself, allow yourself breathing room, and find ways to have fun with those you love?

I believe that to BUILD UP we also need to LET GO. Sometimes it’s letting go of unreasonable demands, self-pressure, ego, or perfection. Letting go of those things will free you up to focus on your “physical therapy” and long-term health.

To heal from the trauma we’ve all been through, we need to commit to getting stronger. Are you with me? I hope so! I’ll be cheering you on the whole way. 

Love, Misty

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