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September 12, 2022

At this point, you’ve probably heard me shouting from the rooftops about our newly launched professional development hub, Studio Training Solutions™. After more than two years in the making, it is BEYOND exciting to see this resource come to life! I’m so proud of how our team has curated the STS™ content, from free downloads, educational and inspirational articles, and video e-courses to vendor support and a marketplace of products and services. 

But did you also know we’re offering FREE weekly lessons delivered straight to your inbox?

Yes! This is the objective behind our Weekly Training Solutions emails—to bring you proven tactics that will help you and your business. This is not just another email in the queue! Each week, we’re delivering quality content to help you create a stronger, healthier studio. Each message has a bite-sized business lesson with practical solutions—ideas you can implement immediately or tuck away into a folder for the right time.

Already, our subscribers have learned insights on the “curse of knowledge,” helping them close the knowledge gap with clients and establish confident connections. We’ve also discussed common traps of social media planning and how to solve content-creation problems before they start. And, knowing that hiring and training are top-of-mind for studio owners, we’ve offered tips for building bench strength with your team of employees.

There may be specific topics you want more of and we’d love to hear about them! You are welcome to send our STS™ team feedback or suggestions by clicking here.

Listen—believe me when I say this—I know that email inboxes can get noisy these days! I have had to whittle down my email subscriptions to only the ones that offer the most value and inspiration. This is what made me look at Weekly Training Solutions differently, to ensure it had intention and purpose.

I hope you feel encouraged to take one step further in your professional development. Head on over to Studio Training Solutions™ to check things out and see how we can help you develop your best dance season yet! 

And if you’re ready for a smart start to each week, click here to sign up for Weekly Training Solutions. It’s easy, practical, energizing, and FREE.

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