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May 20, 2014

Recently I spent 13 hours traveling from ‘lil ‘ol La Crosse, WI to Winston-Salem, NC to teach and perform with Dance Revolution Convention.

The day started out with a cancelled flight, then a re-route to Dallas (because THAT’s on the way), then finally to Charlotte, where I had to rent a car and drive for an hour and a half to Winston-Salem.

By the time I got here, I missed the opening events for the convention, missed half of rehearsal, and part of my hotel was under construction–the lights hanging out of the sockets, ladders, no carpet kind of construction.

The GREAT part?  Well, what could’ve been a hot mess, was, well…great!  And, who ever says that about travel hassles and ripped up hotels? First of all, the guy at American Airlines was AWESOME.  He couldn’t change my situation, but he was so stinkin’ great about it, I wanted to hire him.  Seriously.

And, then I got on a NEW plane.  It had iPad-like devices in every leather seat along with outlets and USB ports and tons of FREE channels and games and beautiful lighting and music.  I know I’m gushing, but when you travel as much as I do, this is a BIG deal.  When there was no room for my luggage, the lady said, “No, problem.  We’ll put it up here with the captain’s.”
N to the ICE!

When I got to the hotel the check in guy managed my expectations about the condition of the hallways before I ever got up to my room.  He buttered me up with free popcorn, a free movie and free Starbucks before I ever left the desk.  Then he asked if the date on my license was 10 years off.  Well played!  After 13 hour of travel I could’ve hugged the man.

Here’s the POINT for us studio owners:  If a couple of front line workers can take two of the MOST BORING, HASSLE PRONE jobs in the world and make them exceptional, then we have no excuse, do we?

We are already in an exceptional line of work and we are the OWNERS.  We have nothing but great things to build on, so I ask you:  What are you doing in your studios that your front line people (teachers and office staff) have the ability to turn problems into WOW experiences?  At my studio we now have the $100 Happiness Policy.  It goes like this:  If there is a hassle, a mistake, a complaint, or a problem, any of my people have the ability to spend up to $100 to make it right…WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME:)   Classes didn’t work out?  No problem, we can give you a refund.  Costume isn’t right?  No problem we’ll exchange that or fix that for you.  Didn’t have a great experience with that teacher?  No problem, try a month with a different teacher for free.

We can’t avoid the hassles that come with owning a business and serving the public.  We CAN control our reaction.  What are YOU doing to turn problems into WOW experiences?  Reply to this email and let me know!

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