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The Vision Sisters

October 31, 2022

A couple of years ago, as the pandemic settled into all our lives, I opened an uplifting email in my (very full!) inbox. It was from my friend Terri Mangiaratti, fellow studio owner, who was reaching out to other women leaders in dance to form a powerhouse collaboration group. 

Terri’s idea was to create an inspirational community that would offer support to each other and the industry at large. Not only would the group have a positive impact on each other’s lives and businesses during a seriously challenging time in history, we would continue that impact into the future—and share it as far and wide as possible in the dance world.

Today, there are eight Vision Sisters who hail from different parts of the U.S. and Canada, all of us with decades of experience and a unique perspective in dance and business. Our areas of expertise range from business development to classroom curricula and from life balance to financial freedom (and loads of topics in between!) The Vision Sisters are Teri Mangiaratti, Mandy Yip, Tricia Gomez, Julie Kay Stallcup, Pam Simpson, Patty Neal, Stacey Morgan, Sandi Duncan, Melissa Hoffman, and me. 🙂

On a national and international level in the dance industry, most business owners are men yet most studio owners are women. So, here we are: giving women leaders a stronger voice. We are elevating the female perspective, providing motivation and discussion points, and most importantly, collaborating together—not competing. The Vision Sisters are leaders of leaders; we want to lift up other women in business and make the dance world a healthier community.

Now, we are gearing up for our second in-person meeting this December—a gathering that will include a virtual roundtable discussion on the dance industry, business practices, and finding life balance. And the best part? You are invited to the roundtable! 

I hope you’ll consider joining us for a morning of inspiration, motivation, and conversation on Sunday, December 4th. We would love to hear which topics you are most interested in discussing! You can click here to read more about the Vision Sisters and submit a topic or click here to get your ticket and join us for the virtual roundtable morning.

Not only can you expect to hear our thoughts and advice regarding the state of the industry, you can expect to participate in the discussion, sharing your views and values and your outlook of the future of dance.

Women supporting women. What’s not to love?

I really hope you’ll join us!


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