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The Power of Words

April 29, 2020

Last week when I walked into my office to work, I felt a little down. Here I was again. Alone. 

It’s the way it needs to be but it didn’t tug at my heart any less.

I know many of you know the feeling.

Standing silent by the coffee pot, I noticed that even the plant by the window seemed a little down. I missed the friendly chatter of my co-workers and the energy of dance that fuels our workday. I missed walking past their offices to wish them a good morning. 

Slowly I walked down the hallway, hoping the webinar I was about to record would make someone feel less isolated, that the messages I’m bringing will be the connection that helps someone get through their day a little easier. Then I opened the door to my office, turned on the light, and tears sprung out of my eyes like that crying face emoji!

The wall behind my desk was covered in paper hearts … each heart a different studio color, handwritten with encouraging words from my team. Gratitude washed over my soul as I wiped my eyes. SO MUCH gratitude!

You see, words are my love language. It meant the world to me to see those hearts; I literally felt uplifted. And the timing of it all! A gift of encouragement right when I really needed it. And it made me realize: The transformative power of words—much like dance—can make ALL the difference.

If ever there was a time when we could FEEL that transformative power of words, it is now, during this pandemic.

What we say and how we say it … it’s as though our words carry more weight now because we are typing more, writing more, video chatting more, calling more. Because we are missing some of the face-to-face cues we would normally have in conversation, the words themselves matter even more than ever. Because we are entrenched in an ever-changing feed of news and social media and memes, the words we give each other mean something MORE, something BIGGER.

I believe that words of encouragement may indeed be our new economy, and a way to pay it forward in a continuous loop. I think EVERYONE needs that extra word of encouragement. 

Don’t you?

What a gift it is that you can spirit someone along with your words. What a gift to hold in your heart and then give away! 

To my team: THANK YOU! You are like family, and I am fighting for you, for us, for our dancers, for the industry! Thank you for taking the time to create something meaningful for me.

To my readers: THANK YOU! You are persevering and pivoting like no one else. Your positive impact on dance and business WILL be felt. Thank you for flexing your muscles and creativity to do the work required so we can all get stronger together.

So here’s my last thought for today: Who can you lift up right now with your words? Who can receive your currency of encouragement and pay it forward?

Now go transform someone’s day with your WORDS. <3

With appreciation & love,



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