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The Human Spirit

March 15, 2021

In dance, the physical limitations we’re faced with these days are pretty incredible: Dancing in socially-distant groups, sometimes inside literal boxes taped on the floor; dancing with face coverings and only the eyes to connect with; dancing without partnering or other close contact. Suffice it to say, we’re on a new level of what “limitation” means. And these physical limitations are in addition to the ones we’ve always had, such as how flexible we are or how tall or whether we were born with natural turnout. 

Beyond dance, of course, we all have our own physical limitations too. They exist constantly in our day-to-day lives—the limits of sleep come to mind—and of course, our bodies change with illness, injury, age, exercise, and nutrition. We are forever challenged by these physical limits in SOME way or another.

But let me take this moment now to remind you about something that you do not have restrictions or limitations on: 

Your spirit.

No one has limits on what they can believe, the strength they can summon, or how they can use their faith. For me in my spiritual life, God is always there, full access, waiting for me to turn back to Him; to see, seek, come, listen, and refill. For you, it may be the same way, or different. Or you may be searching for that kind of relationship in your life.

I think the key is that you KNOW your spirit can soar beyond your bodily limitations; that you can find contentment in the connections that soothe your soul, bringing wholeness to your life. You find ways to fortify your spirit so that it can continue to support your physical body—perhaps no other time in our living history have we experienced how deeply this connection affects us.

In my life, prayer reminds me that my spirit needs this exercise; it is restored over and over again by my relationship with God. Some people seek the fellowship of others, but right now I know I need quiet time each day and each week, to personally reflect on the big picture of my life and life’s work. Perhaps you’ve experienced this, too. However it happens for you, I believe your mind and body are stronger for it.

It is only human, I think, to sometimes feel stuck or trapped by our physical limitations, especially when we are subject to those restrictions for a long period of time (like during a pandemic!). But it is your spirit that helps you see PAST the restrictions. It is your spirit that allows you to open yourself up to new pathways and possibilities. It is your spirit that says, “HEY! You are not ONLY your physical self. You are MORE.”

Here is the encouragement I hope you take away from this philosophical message:

Take care of your spirit. Discover what replenishes it. Do more of that.

You have a soul-deepening strength inside you that cannot be contained inside a box or behind a mask. <3



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