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The Definition of Faith

March 18, 2020

Friends and fellow studio owners, I wanted to share with you a revelation I had earlier this week about faith during hard times.

No matter where you fall on the spirituality spectrum, I think we can all agree that right now is a time that requires FAITH.

The definition of faith is this: “Being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.”

Now, allow me to be so bold as to say that the definition of faith I shared above sounds EXACTLY like what we need right now.  We want to be sure of what we hope for (that we can get through this) and be certain that we can get to the other side (even though we can’t see it yet).

My questions are these: how can YOU choose to have FAITH instead of FEAR? How can you operate in a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind? How can you avoid being sucked into the spirit of fear and instead stand in grace?

I think that first we have to consider what fear looks like. For me, it looks like the 24/7 news loop of network TV. It looks like trying to figure out how to keep my staff employed and the mortgage paid. It looks like people ransacking the stores for supplies. For me, right now, it also looks like having five kids at home for an undetermined amount of time!

BUT. Back to the questions.

What does power, love, and a sound mind look like instead? 

Well, POWER looks like your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow business owners. It looks like many different people in their own unique situations building a raft out of different types of logs.

LOVE looks like the way people are generously stepping up to solve problems. It looks like communities coming together to feed kids who need those free lunches at school, businesses offering extra tools and resources to those who are working from home, and industry leaders saying, “How can we help?”

A SOUND MIND looks like focusing on what we CAN do instead of all that we can’t. And friends … we can do a lot.

To stand in grace and cover others with it requires faith. And that’s exactly what we can do right now. We can choose to know the facts and then choose to take one step at a time moving forward. We can choose to create unconventional solutions and lead our studios with courage in the face of unknown outcomes. 

We can choose faith.

We may be in uncharted waters, each with a slightly different method of paddling. But this river flows just one way. It’s up to us to have faith in where it takes us and that with the right resources at our fingertips, we can have confidence in the ride.

Wishing you a faith-filled week in the spirit of all these things and more.

Love, Misty

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