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The Collaboration Effect

December 12, 2022

Each July at More Than Just Great Dancing® we host a live event for our community called Member Rally. It is two full days of learning and personal growth: we cover everything from leadership expertise to creative customer service solutions to culture-building camaraderie. In short, our members truly “rally” together—for themselves and for their studios—before the start of a new season.

Over and over again, I have heard members say this is not just an event for education, but a true investment into their small business ownership so they can build success in their personal life. It is not just about what they do in daily operations, but what they do to live the life they want. And this is exactly why we do what we do at MTJGD! 

Now, here’s the best part about Member Rally 2023: not only are we producing the high-level content our members have come to expect, we are partnering with Steve Sirico and Angela D’Valda and Dance Teacher Web! YES, you read that right …

Two complementary events, with leadership arms linked, at the same venue, with many of the same vendors, both designed to bring you powerful, life-giving content to have an incredible year of business, leadership, and dance education. This is truly The Power of Collaboration—which is our theme for that week. MTJGD’s Member Rally will take place July 25-26 and Dance Teacher Web will take place July 27-30, held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

I wholeheartedly believe that the way forward in the dance industry is to work together. I like to think that the entire ecosystem in dance benefits when we see one another’s strengths and lift each other up. And how great is it for us to model this lesson for our staff and students? When you offer mutual goodness, there is mutual benefit.

You could say that Steve and I are competitors, sure—or you could say that we are colleagues, which is how I prefer to think of the synergy between us as leaders and our respective businesses. We each have something unique and valuable to offer dance studio owners, directors, managers, and teachers. And we are committed to walking the walk of what collaboration and partnership look like in the industry! In fact, not only are we partnering our businesses this summer, but Steve and I will each be speaking at each other’s event. 🙂

If you aren’t already a member of More Than Just Great Dancing®, you might be wondering how you could get involved and be a part of this dual-event collaboration … and that is the easiest part! Learn about the benefits of membership here and join our community by applying through this link. As a member you’ll gain access to Studio Owner University® in Orlando, Feb. 6-8, 2023, FREE access to Member Rally in Las Vegas, and discounted access to Dance Teacher Web!

My encouragement is to make 2023 your year of education AND collaboration. Level up your learning and walk the walk with us as a member of MTJGD! 

To your success!


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