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The 12/31 Scorecard

December 27, 2021

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to take four trips just for fun. No work. And…. I did it!

I traveled to Florida in the spring, drove Route 66 in the summer, visited my mentor’s Colorado ranch in the summer, and visited a different part of Florida earlier this month.

For me, these trips were a VERY big deal. I used to travel almost 100 days per year to speak and teach at events; traveling just for fun was rare! Then I realized how restorative it was to get away—how it energized my soul to take a real tried-and-true break, even if it was only for a few days. Whether with family or friends (or by myself), I underestimated the value of this non-work time in my life. Not only that, I noticed that merely anticipating each trip helped fuel me during the longer, harder work days. Having these dates on the calendar—a literal countdown to follow—gave me something extra-special to look forward to.

I’m sharing this with you because it is a reflection of my “12/31 scorecard.” On the last day of the year, I am eager to see how my goals measured up. Did I surpass some of them? Come up short? Were there eye-opening outcomes that I didn’t expect? This year in particular was not just about business goals, it was about personal ones.

As studio owners, we have ALL been uniquely tested during the last year (well, nearly two years now!). And while navigating pandemic decisions is no longer new news, I think we can agree that the effects continue to be a part of our lives. No matter what country you’re in, what size studio you have, or what your personal experiences have been, the ups and downs have probably kept you on your toes, just like they have for me.

It’s no surprise then that our personal lives need intentional attention. Goal-setting attention. I’m talking about the many aspects of your life beyond your career: faith, family, friends, health, enrichment, education, and yes…. fun! What a joy it is to discover (or rediscover) how meaningful it is, deep in your soul, when you meet the needs of your WHOLE life.

Maybe you don’t normally set goals around things that aren’t directly related to the studio, business, or leadership. But I’m here to tell you that it MATTERS. Sometimes having a goal is the only way to hold yourself accountable to something you’ve “wished” could happen, or that you’ll do “some day.” The waiting will never end unless you take the reins!

With your business life, you’ve probably heard of making S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). I’ve learned that this methodology can be applied to just about anywhere in your life, and it’s been key for my personal goal-setting this past year. If I hadn’t set that goal of traveling for fun, I guarantee it would not have happened! It worked because I was clear—to myself.

I love measuring up on goals, but I always need to remind myself that the 12/31 scorecard isn’t about winning and losing. It’s about winning and CHANGE. Change for the better. I hope that reminder is helpful for you too. Reflecting back on twelve months of your business and life, the 12/31 scorecard shows where you rocked it AND where you need to grow. I’m proud to say that although I still have plenty of areas in which to grow, I rocked it with my commitment to intentional time off. 🙂

So, how about you? What does your 12/31 scorecard look like? Not just with entrepreneurship, but with all the areas of your personal life. Did you rock it—or is it time for change? What kind of goals do you have in mind for 2022? 

Your answers hold the key to your priorities in the new year. With intention and attention, you can meet—or exceed—any goal, professional or personal. My encouragement is to plant those seeds of growth now…and make sure you include some fun. <3

Keep it up, my friends. Your goals await!

Happy New Year!


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