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It’s T-minus three weeks and counting!

December 10, 2015

Count down to what you say?  To the end of 2015, of course. The end of the business year AND the end of your opportunity to make a positive impact on enrollment for the 2015-16 dance season.

One of our member studio owners, Vanessa Berry of Kick Studios in NJ,  took this challenge to heart this year and added 72 NEW STUDENTS in the last month by getting serious about actively marketing her program.

5 Actions you can take to improve your enrollment before you close the doors on the season.

We were amazed by Vanessa’s late season enrollment results, so we asked her just HOW did she do it? Keep reading for Vanessa’s insights:

1. Go After the “After Sports Market”.

Vanessa shared, “I know soccer is big in my area so I offer a product that caters to this need – what to do after soccer!  We offer mini sessions to take away the barriers to traditional registration (huge payments and commitments).  In the past 80-90% of our After Fall Sports Session kids stay on for the rest of the season.”

TAKEAWAY #1:  Meet parents where they are at with products that match their busy lifestyles.

2.  Get of out your comfort zone.

Vanessa explains, “I combined my comfort zone of Facebook promoted posts and email blasts with my not-so-comfortable of direct and personal emails.  Then I added my manager’s strength of phone calls for follow up, follow up, follow up.”

TAKEAWAY #2:  FB and email promotions alone will not take you to your enrollment goals.  This is a face to face business and people want to hear from you personally.

3.  Put the spotlight on the kids and teachers to increase engagement.

Vanessa hits the nail in the head with this one, “No one wants to hear more about my business, but they are interested in what we do and who we are.  We started promoting more of what we already do, from charity work to our great teachers to performances to new retail on social.”

TAKEAWAY #2:  Use social media posts like these to increase engagement so that when you do have an offer to share with your audience people will be there to listen.

4.  Reach out to the “lost”.

Vanessa followed up with the “unsubscribe” folks from her mailing list to thank them for their interest and to leave a positive “last interaction” with her studio.

TAKEAWAY:  Will those students come back?  Maybe not.  But, they are likely to talk about their experiences with your studio so make your last impression a good one!

5.  Black Friday is over, but holiday shopping is not!

Vanessa offered a Black Friday deal (4 weeks for $30) and 15 kids enrolled over a holiday weekend!!   This promotion took only one hour of her time.

TAKEAWAY:  Sometimes you only have to give a little to get a lot.  It’s the holiday season and people are shopping. Be generous…what will eventually reap what you sow.

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