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April 4, 2022

I’ve noticed that when I’m coaching other studio owners, I’m often reminding them that confidence comes from all the pieces of their life. I’ll tell them, “Don’t forget… you always have permission to feel confident. You have permission to be proud of the things you accomplish in life, in and out of the studio.”

It’s good—great even—if your confidence comes from your role as a leader. But sometimes you need to borrow a little confidence from yourself as a parent, or pat yourself on the back for achieving that new fitness goal. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are a whole person, with a lot to be proud of, separate from your business.

So, if confidence is the sum of many parts in life, what’s something that gives you confidence right now? What’s something you’re proud of—outside your studio? 

I’ll share a few of mine:

I’m proud that I just finished another class in my PhD program—with a grade of 97.5%! I worked hard for that grade and it’s given me confidence as I begin the next class on my list.

I’m also proud to be reinvesting again in our local business community. We’re working on building a new commercial property—one that, when finished, will house a veterinary office as well as additional rental space. It’s a huge confidence boost to know that there will be more business owners creating more jobs that make a difference in our community.

Another thing I’m proud of these days? That my kids are growing into their independence. My middle son, Sam, actually took over some of the grocery shopping recently.  And hey—it’s no small feat to have your teenage child take an interest in stocking the fridge! I love feeling confident that my kids are learning to be self-sufficient.

Think about where you need permission to feel confident. Look at all the parts of your life and give yourself a high five for the things you’re most proud of these days, whether it’s as small as building a new habit or as big as building a new business. It’s just like we tell our dancers: every step matters, so be proud of your efforts. Don’t shy away from celebrating milestones and goals!

Look for these proud moments—these confidence-builders—more often. Make it a point to check in with yourself once a day, or even once a week, and ask what you’re proud of at that time. Wear that confidence in your smile and your posture. You’ve earned it!


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