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February 14, 2023

Let me preface this post by saying how much I like to work. In fact, most of the time I love to work. Being productive, transforming lives, having a positive impact on this amazing industry that is near and dear to me: these are things that make my heart sing!

But … as I grow into the leader, coach, and speaker I was meant to be, I have realized something important about my love for work:

I must schedule time to rest. If I don’t, I will keep going until I’m in the “red zone” of hustle-mode and it becomes near-to-impossible to put on the brakes. If I don’t schedule the time to pause and reflect, I will drive right past those crucial places to catch my breath.

Last year, I made a commitment to place quarterly periods of rest on my calendar. It was incredible! And it motivated me to work toward a specific rest goal: to take a four-week sabbatical around the holidays. I prepared for this time much like how Mike Michalowicz describes in his book Clockwork. He talks about shoring up your team and business operations to ensure you can take uninterrupted time away without a single worry. I did this prep work, handed off my email password to my staff, and left the office feeling ready to recharge.

Well, I am happy to report that my sabbatical was successful … though not quite in all the ways I expected. Though I did spend time cozying up by the fire soaking in some quiet moments, it wasn’t the way I imagined: I spent that time recovering from a concussion. Now I know God must have a sense of humor! I guess I had to be knocked out in order to fully rest!

But in all seriousness, I probably wouldn’t have rested as intentionally and well if I hadn’t been forced into that position. It was humbling to learn this. I was able to slow down (because I had to) and sleep (because I had to) and limit my screen time (because I had to). You get the picture!

And so with more intention behind this time off, I was truly able to rest, recharge, and most importantly, recover. It reminded me that health is wealth. It showed me that family time doesn’t have to be “busy,” rather, it can be slow and sure. It taught me that I can take a true breather and feel better for it. I now feel refreshed and ready for what is sure to be another adventurous year!

I hope you will remember that rest and recharging are right and good for you too. Set a rhythm of rest—whether it’s a long term break or a few nights with no phone. Spend some time in quiet and reflection. Be intentional with your decision to slow down. No concussions needed. <3

To your health and success,


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