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August 10, 2021

The dance studio industry is in a unique position these days, poised to take advantage of a huge resurgence that’s expected in service businesses, in particular youth activities and the arts. But I think we will only be able to maximize that benefit if we work together—AND make thoughtful steps forward for our studios. Let me explain…

As we continue to climb out of the pandemic, there is this HUGE opportunity for our industry ecosystem to strengthen; to become more buoyant and sustainable. For the past year and a half we’ve had to unite in order to recover and rise up against challenge after challenge. Now, we have the chance to STAY united—to CHOOSE this way—and continue building our community to be smarter, safer, and healthier than ever before.

And hey—pause for a second here with me—isn’t that what so many parents are looking for right now, too? Smarter, safer, healthier options for activities that have a positive impact on their child’s well-being! (If that’s not dance class, I don’t know what is!)

This united front of studios doesn’t mean we will all run our businesses the same way. In fact, I believe it’s all the better that we celebrate our differences with the beauty of offering dance in every corner of the world—from big studios to small ones, competitive to recreational, urban to rural. But even with our differences we can agree that upholding high standards is a must!



That’s where my idea comes into play. 

It’s something I’ve been dreaming of for years and it’s called Studio Training Solutions™. This is a hub of resources and connections for studio owners to embrace best business and educational practices, search for professional learning opportunities, and find support. It’s a website full of courses, trainings, webinars, downloads, and much more—all curated specifically with dance studio leaders in mind. It’s a place for studio owners to further their skills in business and optimize their studio’s future. We’ll have free content and upgrades too. There’ll also be opportunities for coaching and a directory of live events, as well as the chance to learn more about vendors who want to support your mission.

Our dance ecosystem is ready for its rebound, but I believe it can only happen if we all work to stay united; if we choose to use our interdependence to raise our collective potential. Each studio, supplier, manufacturer, service, product, and event relies on the others to make their impact possible. And Studio Training Solutions™ is meant to facilitate this cooperative effort possible for everyone.

As studio owners, we all have a common love and a common goal: Dance brought us into this business and made us who we are; it’s the fire that stays burning deep in our souls. And we all strive to help our staff, students, and communities become stronger and healthier. The ART created our passion, and now the BUSINESS helps us grow it. As a united community that believes in a smarter, safer, healthier future, we have the opportunity to truly flourish—together!

Studio Training Solutions™ has lived only in my mind and heart for so long but it’s journey has been timely! Now I can’t wait for it to go live for YOU. The public launch happens in October, but early access is available to those on our mailing list, which you can join by clicking HERE. I have so much gratitude for the team who has worked hard to breathe life into this vision. We are ready to see the entire dance studio community build their businesses and their confidence with this resource.

I hope to see you enjoying the benefits of Studio Training Solutions™ this fall—and I hope when you do, you’ll share feedback with us on what you love most and in what areas we can offer more! The launch can’t happen soon enough. We’re counting down the days!




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