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Post Recital Syndrome

June 28, 2014

“Crazy Land”

I love to talk about our studio and equip people to reach their dreams! I’m an optimist, a go-getter and a dreamer!

So much so that some people must wonder if I live in a strange place called “Everything-is-great-all-the-time-land”.


I live where you do. Crazy land. Kids, bills, goals, sweat, families, teachers, students, maintenance, marketing, laundry, parades, shows, auditions, sequins, invoices, questions, rehearsals, ordering, planning…..crazy land.

For example, today I made homemade muffins in a fit of “post-recital-my-kids-don’t-know-who-I-am” guilt. The first batch was pretty good. Not quite Pinterest worthy, but definitely good. The second batch? Well, let’s just say I forgot about those puppies for a good long time while I rode my trainer bike and answered email.


Fail of the day #1.

Sometimes you can’t see a bad day coming, but the charcoal-muffins should’ve been a clue. Then I missed a board meeting and missed an important call with my credit card representative.


Fail #2 and #3

And THEN missed announcing when registration materials would be out to about 300 of the 750 families we serve (because that’s an easy-to-forget detail?)

That’s worth at least 2 more fails.

THEN I forgot about the noodles I was cooking for dinner and turned two packages to smush. Not the cheap Creamette kind, but the crazy, expensive organic, gluten-free kind (because if you’re going to wreck dinner as well as breakfast, go all out man.)

I’m not even counting fails now.

The best thing I did at this point was to walk away from the flooded stove, take my kids to the root beer stand and drown the disappointment in myself with a corndog and bucket of cheesecurds.

And, I have recovered my day of debacles.

So, when YOU have “A DAY”, just think of my muffins and smile. We all have ’em. Then go have a corndog or cheesecurds and get your groove back on!

GAME ON people! Back in the saddle tomorrow! Remember a fail is only really a fail if you don’t get back up:)

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