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Mastering Your Life – Part 3 of 3

August 7, 2016

Welcome to PART 3 of the 3-Part Series I will be sharing on “Mastering Your Life”.  

Last week I challenged you to raise your “average of 5” and to take a good, hard look at how the people you spend the most time and ask whether they are having a positive effect, or negative effect, on your ability to master your personal habits.  

I’ve heard from many of you that you would LOVE to raise your “average of 5”, but it’s a tall order where you live and work.  I totally get it.  Being a studio owner can make hard work of developing deep relationships.  

I work from home all day, but I never quite fit in with true stay-at-home moms because things like payroll deadlines and calls for subs interrupted play dates.  And, I didn’t identify with traditional working moms either because I didn’t have the pressure to be presentable or get my kiddos to daycare by 730am.  Yoga pants are my uniform; my kitchen table is my office.  Studio owners are a unique breed of business owner indeed.

Feeling peerless is one challenge. Time is another.  If you are fortunate to develop strong relationships outside the studio, good luck finding time to nurture them.  Tuesday night book club invite? Forget about it. We’re running several hundred kids through classes by 6pm.  Weekends?  Not between February and June unless you want to join me at dance convention, recital or registration.

I hear you.  I’ve lived it.  I still live it.  Everyday. My brick and mortar dance studio serves 750 kids each week and my own five kids still need dinner each night.  Somedays those two things work great together.  Other times they collide.  

This leads me to the third of our 3-Part series on Mastering Your Life.  

Part 3:  Gratitude and grace.  

Self-employment is AMAZING!  It is also a GRIND. Parenthood, marriage, health, you-name-the-topic, can be, too.  With so many highs and lows, I’ve learned from my mentor Darren Hardy, to work on flattening the curves of this roller coaster called entrepreneurship.  Here are my two best strategies:

  1. Gratitude. Start and end the day in gratitude.  You could also journal, write a thank you letter, or send love to someone who has helped you out.  If you feel beat down, try gratitude.  As my grandpa used to say, “Anytime you wake up on this side of the dirt, it’s a good day!”  Self-pity and gratitude simply can’t live in the same place.  One will push the other out.
  2. Grace. I can’t say it enough.  Grace to start another day, grace to finish.  Grace to reset when things go wrong.  Grace to admit when you’ve messed up.  Grace for those who have wronged you.  Grace to get up and try again.  Grace – You can never get too much and it never runs out.  

Sound simple?  It is.  Sound hard?  It’s that, too.  But, I guarantee that if you practice little more gratitude and grace, get a hold of your money habits (spending, saving and giving), raise your “average or 5”, 2016 will be a year like no other.  

Keep going!


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