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It’s just plastic

September 19, 2015

Busy with competition prep? Me, too.

Does this sound familiar? Sequins, meetings, costumes, classes, rehearsals, last minute changes to registrations and choreography, hotel reservations, and emails. Lots of emails.

And, still there is still work to do: CDs to burn, bags to pack, subs to secure, lists to check, questions to answer, phone calls to make, bags to clean, and make up to buy. And that’s just what’s on my list.

So, when it gets a little too hectic I have to remind myself…it’s just plastic.


The trophy. It’s just plastic.

Oh, I value the competition experience. I truly do. I love that the kids get objective feedback (somehow when a judge says to “point your toes” it’s like a brand new technique kids have never heard of before.) And, we build team camaraderie, make memories, work hard, reach goals and have fun.

It’s exciting. We see great studios that inspire us to be more, do more. We see studios that make our parents appreciate our own a little more:) We win prizes and awards and we all hoop and holler out support and encouragement. We find out how our ideas, training and efforts stack up against our peers.

But in the end, it’s plastic. Even the Super Duper Premium Platinum Elite Cutting Edge Award with a Cherry on Top (which I’m pretty sure my Senior Company won at the last competition:) is still just plastic.

I’m going to give my very best effort and I’m going to expect my kids to do the same, but I’m not going sacrifice my sleep and sanity or sell out what I to win a plastic trophy:)

Here’s to a high-impact, low-stress, remembering-what-really-matters weekend!


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