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Investing in Your People

June 21, 2021

One of the most common challenges I hear from studio owners these days is about developing their employees. They wonder what steps they should take to raise up strong leaders, perhaps even to create a full leadership team. In their small businesses, these studio owners want to hire and nurture great talent and also get them excited about the studio’s mission and values.

I often find myself reminding them that if they’ve got people who fit the culture and take pride in their work, then they—the studio owner—NEED to prioritize those unicorns! The executive of a company has a responsibility to train and retain those excellent employees for the long-term. And a big way to do that is through professional development.

Professional development, I believe, is not just for the owner of a business. I think it’s a common misconception that only the owners work on their personal growth. But ANYONE at the studio can be poised to grow! Right-hand people—the managers who are the face of the studio day in and day out—need the self-assurance and confidence boost that professional development offers. I’ve coached studio owners who will say, “I’d love to do more for my office manager (or facility director or lead teacher) but won’t they just go looking for a ‘better’ job after I’ve given them all these resources?”

Great question. And one that many owners share … 

I always respond that while the answer is not concrete, you’re in a much better position to RETAIN an awesome unicorn employee than you are to LOSE one. You WANT your people to know that you respect and trust them enough to lift them up and invest in them! It’s true they may eventually move on, but also? They might stick around forever because they respect and trust YOU for believing in them in the first place.

It was with this sentiment that we launched a new program within our More Than Just Great Dancing® membership called Rising Leaders. With monthly webinars, a dedicated private Facebook group, and tons of networking, our members can now integrate their leadership teams into the MTJGD approach to business. 

This is the FIRST time we’ve brought together managers in this unique way. And since it’s first days, this new group has been a ROUSING success! What’s REALLY cool too is getting to hear first-hand how these leaders are taking what they learn and running with it. It’s truly become an immersive way for our members to ensure their teams fully understand and activate the MTJGD philosophy within their specific studios.

Whether your leadership “team” is one part-time person or a group of 20 departmental leaders, investing in their education and personal growth is a worthwhile use of your resources—perhaps THE most worthwhile! 

So, my question to you today is this: What are you doing now, or tomorrow, or next month to support your studio leaders? What opportunities do they have to become MORE? To reach their full potential? What tools do they NEED to succeed at your studio?

From in-person summer training events to virtual conferences, in 2021 there are more options than ever before. And if you’re interested in learning more about joining MTJGD and our Rising Leaders program, just click here!

Today I’m wishing you a clear-headed and heart-filled path to surrounding yourself with the right people, doing the right work, for your business to be healthy and strong. You’ll never regret the investment you make in those who stand by your vision and mission. <3




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