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Investing in Your Education

December 27, 2018

There’s a common characteristic among so many studio owners I meet.  

It’s something that always stands out to me when we’re getting to know each other. It goes beyond our shared passion for dance and business and seems to radiate from them: it’s a love for learning.

Learning doesn’t stop when we graduate from school or open a business, of course.  In fact, I’d argue that continuing our education becomes even more important as we journey deeper into studio ownership … it allows us to pick up new tools, evolve smartly, discover more about our strengths, improve growth areas, and develop relationships.

This was one of the reasons I founded More Than Just Great Dancing®. I had a hunch there were other people out there who wanted to learn and grow alongside like-minded studio owners!  (Now, with less than 25 member openings left, I can see that my hunch was right!)

Choosing to invest in my education in dance and business is one of the ways I guarantee a return that pays dividends over and over.  Experience tells me that if I invest wisely and put in the work, I’ll see results! And not only that, I will have developed a stronger focus and vision for how I want to grow next.

I imagine that if you’re reading this, you probably feel the same way about investing in your education … but if you’re not sure where to begin with that investment, or you’re looking for something new, allow me to share some of my favorite educational resources in the industry:

For studio owners

My friend Austin Roberson runs the newly rebranded Dance Studio Desk (formerly known as Studio Owners Academy).  He is extremely gifted with technology and loves showing studio owners how to take charge of their websites and automating systems to grow their enrollment.  And another good friend of mine, Clint Salter, is the founder of Dance Studio Owners Association.  He, too, has a knack for inspiring others to grow their studios in every possible way, from programs to profits to systemizing their personal life. If you haven’t met Suzanne Blaker Gerety, you will want to! Her platform, Dance Studio Owner, is a content library rich with resources for every level of the studio owner journey.  And, of course, if you are looking for an intimate community of positive, productive studio owners – check out More Than Just Great Dancing® – I’d love to talk to you!  

For students

When it comes to dancer-related events, I’ve been sending our Misty’s Dance Unlimited students to Hollywood Connection and Dance Revolution.  Hollywood Connection always delivers on its promise to offer top-notch classes with passionate instructors and fair yet friendly judging practices.  And Dance Revolution’s faith-filled classes and showcase performance are so valuable that my students are willing to travel on a coach bus for 19 hours (each way!) to attend!  

For teachers

Two of my favorite instruction-focused education opportunities have become Dance Teacher Web and Dance Teacher Summit.  Each has its own unique tracks of learning and specialized live classes. Each offers something special each year with its faculty lineup and guest speakers.  Not all events are created equal, but these two have certainly been equally great experiences for me.

Although the programs I’ve mentioned here all have some kind of financial investment, remember that “investment” doesn’t only have to mean things you purchase.  It could also mean:

Your investment is really what YOU decide to make of it.

Now that the end of the year is approaching fast, I’ve really enjoyed looking back and taking stock in all the educational investments I’ve made in 2018 and planning ahead for next year.  I hope some of my favorite programs will inspire you like they’ve inspired me! (And hey, if you’re interested in one of the final spots we have left in More Than Just Great Dancing®, apply here to get in before we close out membership!)

Wishing you a successful ROI in the new year!

Love, Misty

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