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The Most Important Environment to Save

August 9, 2016

It’s Earth Week. But for the sake of today’s Misty Minute, I want to focus my attention on the most important environment I believe we can nurture and protect—the environment in our homes. 

Our geographic environment has a climate and so do our homes.  And, as a studio owner, the environment in my home around recital time can be chaotic to say the least.

Mornings set the temperature for the entire day.  On a good day that means I’m up before the kids get up.  I’ve had some quiet time, folded some laundry, checked over the schedule for the day, signed the reading calendars and made a plan for breakfast.   

But, if I’ve had a late night working, well, I don’t have to tell you where that can lead.  My daughter won’t be able to find THE water bottle she needs for dance. Papers will be forgotten and the neat pile of clothes I folded at midnight will be shredded as four wild animals, I mean my four handsome sons, tear into it looking for the right sized denims.  And, that’s not counting the dishes that will be left on the counter and crabby words I’m likely to say before we part ways for the day.  

If there have been too many chaotic days lately, it’s time to institute a climate change.  What’s the change, you ask?  Us.  And, it starts with the word “No”.  “No” to taking on that extra class or choreography opportunity. “No” to one more lunch meeting.  “No” to answering that angry email at 11pm.  “No” to depriving yourself of sleep and nutrition in order to get “a little more” done.  Because, let’s be real….”it” will never be “done”.  

It’s my nature to say “yes”, but, in my eagerness to serve others, my family can get lost in the shuffle.  So, I’ve spent the last year dialing back my calendar and work commitments to make more time for the things no one will ever see, but that actually matter most—dinners, homework, bedtime, conversations and snuggles. And, yes, clean laundry.  

You see, I can always teach another class, make another trip to the studio, write another article or serve on another board, but I’ll never get a second chance to raise my kids.  

Do you need a climate change in your home?  If so, I’d love to help you…

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