I got sucked in

I could see it coming and I still got sucked in. I am usually REALLY good at being proactive about issues and heading off problems before molehills become mountains. But this one got away from me. Even after a very long meeting with this person, I am still not sure that anything got resolved.

Aaagh. The worst part? It’s entirely my fault.

Actually, I should clarify. What the person at my studio is complaining about is not my “fault”. It’s not even a “who’s fault is it?” issue. This person simply doesn’t like the way I am running a particular program. 99% of the people love it. One doesn’t. Such is life.

So what part is my fault? The fact that I allowed myself to get badgered into a debate about it.

You see, I let this person hit my “hot spot”. Repeatedly. “Hot spot” is the phrase I use for that place where you hate be misunderstood, questioned or maligned. Where you feel the need to justify your decisions repeatedly in hopes the person will understand. Unfortunately, it can also be where pride steps in and common sense goes out the window. Hence the words “hot spot”…danger ahead!

So what’s YOUR “hot spot”? Is it when someone questions your pricing, make comments about your car or facility without knowing the everything you made this year went back into your program? Maybe it’s the constant tension between the time studio requires and your family deserves, making it hard to please either. Or perhaps, it’s the people who don’t know what’s going on, don’t arrive on time, or don’t show up at all.

I don’t know what your “hot spot” is, but I DO know that you have one. We all do. And, it is in our very best interest to be aware of it. When you realize you’re in the “hot spot” take action so you don’t get caught a poor reaction:

  • Take 24 hours to return that raging call.
  • Avoid emailing. Call or talk in person if possible.
  • Don’t handle it when your tired, hungry, or rushed.
  • Seek perspective from someone you trust. Bring someone with you if necessary.
  • Think before you speak. Pray for wisdom. One of my favorite verses is: “A gentle answer turns anger away. But a harsh words stir up anger.”
  • Learn what you can; apologize where necessary, but don’t let someone push you into doing something that doesn’t align with your mission.
  • Move on.

I know this isn’t my usual “motivational” post, but I thought someone out there might be encouraged by my failure:) If that’s you, I’d love to hear from you! You see, we are ALL still in process…Learning and growing from our experiences. Today is a NEW day, make it great!

Blessings, Misty