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Gratitude for the Industry

June 6, 2022

This past dance season has been a gift to all studio owners—one unlike any other. With its incredible highs (and even with its challenges) this year has really shown us what we’re made of. Each year since 2020, I’ve seen remarkable changes in the dance world. Changes that I think were meant to happen so that we could become stronger, more educated, and more connected.

What’s amazing about this season in particular is something I’ve seen industry-wide. Studios, vendors, and events have been coming together to ensure our students could have incredible experiences, even as unexpected challenges popped up. Think about the supply chain issues, for example. The dance world is no exception to the same issues that struck grocery stores and car lots. Yet we’ve continued to ride over those bumps and figure out the rest. I’ve never seen some of our costume manufacturers working so hard to accommodate in-stock orders, make up for last-minute delays, or find a better solution!

I’ve written before about how the dance industry is an ecosystem. And the more I think about it, the more I can see how necessary it is for each of us to support the other. It’s not just nice to have that support, or to provide it. It is fundamental to our ability to thrive. That’s how real ecosystems work.

And thrive we will … with a gracious attitude and a passion for dance, studio owners will keep moving forward. Vendors will keep problem solving and innovating better products. Events will keep trailblazing and stepping up their game.

When I think about where we have all been, I can’t help but appreciate how great it is to be standing in the light that previously, we could only see through a long, uncertain tunnel. How great is it that we have costume suppliers who are willing to go the extra mile when a product isn’t going to make it on time? How cool is it that we have conventions and competitions who have not just returned to business, but improved it? How fantastic is it that we have vendors with all kinds of expertise—software, curricula, flooring, you name it—who are coming up with new ideas for us to implement in our studios? Pretty fantastic, I say!

I believe with all my heart that our collective positivity and gratitude will provide a productive direction for the industry as a whole. We need each other! Dance studios need vendors and events. Vendors and events need dance studios. I mean, look at what we’ve already accomplished in the past few years, all for the good of our students. Together, we can do so much

So, who in the industry could use some gratitude from you? Who rocked your socks this season, even if the ride got bumpy? Be sure to tell them. Reach out and say thank you. Remember, the same grace we give today is the same we might have to borrow tomorrow.





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