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September 11, 2019

Here at More Than Just Great Dancing®, we’re getting ready for our TENTH Studio Owner University®—WOW! 

From February 3-5 in beautiful Austin, Texas, we’ll be hosting this unique university-styled training for studio owners.  

If you haven’t heard of SOU before, or you’ve wondered what it’s about, here’s the scoop: SOU might just change your life and your business.  

You may think that’s a bold statement—and it is— but it’s backed by reality.  Time and time again, our attendees have chosen to apply the knowledge, resources, and tools from SOU to their lives and create real, lasting change.  They’ve headed back home to dig in to their businesses and improve themselves as leaders.  It is humbling to see; it’s the best compliment we could ever receive!

So what motivates people to do this deep work?  How is it that a few days at a business event could have such a lasting impact?  

It’s because SOU is an immersion into cutting-edge marketing, practical financial tools, legacy leadership growth, and learning from others.  It’s a course of education designed to make you think differently about your goals and your business. Here’s just some of what you can expect to experience at SOU:

The Presenters

Among the people you’ll hear from at SOU, Founder Misty Lown is the one who has envisioned your success before you even arrived.  She has curated the educational content, dialing in to what she knows will hold the most value for studio owners in the coming year.  Whether she is onstage teaching or chatting with you in the hallway, Misty is all-in on making sure you’re getting the most out of the event.

With topics ranging from personal to professional, you’ll also experience learning from the MTJGD Certified Coach® team.  These trained presenters are living the MTJGD life and entrepreneurial journey.  They have developed their expertise in areas of specialty content to share directly with SOU attendees.  Each Coach is committed to bringing a unique value to your experience; get ready to take plenty of notes and ask lots of questions!

Content Sessions

Classes at SOU range from customer service to marketing to social media to finance (and lots more in between!).  We aim to touch on as many relevant business topics as possible to help you move your studio forward in the coming year and beyond.  And while SOU is business training, it’s also life training.  You are a whole person, and SOU gives you the tools to evaluate your definition of success, in and out of the studio.

Beyond the included SOU content, there are also opportunities to sign up for extra learning: The ANSWERED Series, for example, consists of small group lunch sessions with Misty, set up to give you the floor for Q&A.  We also offer Graphic Design Live! sessions, where you can sit one-on-one with a designer and start or complete a project.  And finally, there’s our SOU Masters Day, a one-day intensive that dives deep into a core business topic.  This year’s SOU Masters Day topic is Staff.

The Vendors

SOU’s vendors are a breath of fresh air—they are all about service and developing relationships.  There’s something for everyone at the vendor booths, whether you are looking at studio software, dancewear, costumes, curricula, student events, special programming, or other resources.  Opportunities to socialize and get to know the vendors abound, and you’ll also have the chance to schedule appointments to meet with vendors one-on-one.

Just like at your studio, you’ll also find that SOU is an experience that nurtures new friendships and refreshes old ones.  There’s simply nothing like being around like-minded business owners.  You learn and share ideas; you understand each other like one one else does.  One of the most beautiful things about SOU is that these bonds are formed and the studio owner life feels a lot less lonely!

Feeling encouraged?  Sign up for SOU here and prepare to have your life changed!  Your business will never be the same.

See you in Austin!

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