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The Final Week of Summer

August 17, 2016

I love my kids. I really do! In fact here’s a picture of them on a recent road trip just so you can see how sweet and silly they are.  

MM 16

My kids are great and I love being a mom.


It’s the end of summer and all of this free-schedule-business has taken a toll on things. There are messages piled in my email, contracts that need signing, lesson plans that need writing, and laundry that needs washing. In fact, my fourth child, Max, just told the little boy who slept over last night, “You are so lucky you have socks!”  Ugggh.  Friends, let me assure you that my kids have socks. Many socks. They are just not in drawers as of this moment.  

But before I get too far on the challenge of the “summer slide”, let’s just think back to May.  If you were like me you were saying, “I’m tired of schedule and grind! I need a break! I just need the freedom of summer!” And now here I am crying “Uncle!” because I just need to get back to a schedule.

That’s kind of how life is…whatever we are in is the hard spot and the promised land always seems just around the corner. So today I am going to parent myself and tell myself, “Enough whining. Enjoy what you have TODAY.”

I only have one week left of summer vacation and everything on my desk can wait until the kids go back to school. Because the reality is that one day I won’t have any kids at home to spend  a summer day with and do you know what I’m NOT going to say at that time?  I’m not going to say, “Boy I wish I would’ve spent those last hours of summer on email.”

So ENJOY that last bit of summer freedom, friends. The schedule will be here soon enough and your to-do list will wait. Lists are very patient that way:)

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