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July 10, 2018

If you know me, you know I love learning new things.  

I particularly love language and learning new words.  This past week I learned a new word: equanimity.  It means “mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain; calmness; equilibrium”.

I wanted to share this word and its meaning with you because this past week, well … it was quite a week.  

One of my leadership team members lost her dad at the beginning of the week.  Understandably, she needed immediate bereavement leave to be with her family during this very sad time.  

This was just a few days after my dad, who had been released from the hospital only the month before, had to be transported by helicopter to the famous Mayo Hospital for emergency surgery.  The surgery was followed by a 54 hour coma, ICU, a regular Mayo Hospital stay and now a stint in a rehab center closer to home.

My son, Mason, experienced a traffic accident one afternoon, after a semi-truck clipped the end of his bike.  Luckily he wasn’t seriously injured. Following that, I managed to get myself into a fender-bender as well. I was shaken up but otherwise unharmed.

To top everything off, I lost my voice and had to cancel one of the biggest keynote speaking events on my calendar this year.  

All this happened during the same week that we held our first-ever training sessions for More Than Just Great Dancing® at our new International Performing Arts Campus.  This was a major event week that we had been planning for well over a year. To say my emotions were all over the mapwell, that’s an understatement!


You could also call it keeping cool in tough times or grace under pressure.  We all go through really rough things sometimessometimes in a short period of time.  The question is, do we let them stretch us or break us?

I chose last week to be stretched, and I’m continuing to do so.  I am camping out on equanimity. Everything I’m learning from this time, I’m taking to heart.  If God brought me to it, He will bring me through it.

In the hours I had with my dad while he was in his coma, I was present.  I focused on talking to him, on holding his hand. When I first saw my son after his bike accident, I held him extra tight, extra long.  Whenever I could, I found prayerful moments for myself to gain strength and composure.


Throughout last week, my team stepped up in a way that only rockstars can.  They took on every role and wore every hat so that my sister Alana and I could have some flexibility to be with our dad.  I am grateful to them in every way.

The attendees at our training events, they too were amazing.  I was so impressed by their eagerness, their energy, and their drive.  And I was thankful for their patience and understanding when I had to make a few scheduling changes.


So if you are there, in a fire of some kind, hang in there.  Camp on the concept equanimity. Then pray about it; meditate on it; allow it to flow into your soul.  Grace and peace are always there for the taking.

If you are not in that place, that metaphorical fire, then choose to lift someone else up who is.  

I encourage you to remember this word for when you need it, because we all do from time to time.  🙂

Love, Misty

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