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Entrepreneurs v. Employees

May 20, 2014

10.  Entrepreneurs educate themselves more than they entertain themselves
Employees entertain themselves more than they educate themselves

9.    Entrepreneurs have an empowering perspective of failure
Employees see failure as bad

8.    Entrepreneurs are solution finders
Employees are problem finders

7.    Entrepreneurs know a little about a lot
Employees know a lot about a little

6.    Entrepreneurs give and receive praise and correction
Employees don’t praise and avoid correction

5.    Entrepreneurs say “The buck stops here”
Employees say “It’s not my fault”

4.    Entrepreneurs build wealth
Employees make money

3.    Entrepreneurs fly with eagles
Employees peck around with chickens

2.    Entrepreneurs look into the future with expectation
Employees look into the past to the way things were

1.    Entrepreneurs take risks because of faith
Employees play it safe because of fear

I got this list in the mail from a friend of mine, Mike Stromsoe, who owns an insurance agency coaching program called the “Unstoppable Profit Producer Program”.  The point is simple…if you want your business to start producing great profit, you have to stop running it like an employee and start approaching it like an entrepreneur.  After all, if you don’t run your business with the mindset of an entrepreneur, all you have created for yourself is a JOB, but without the guaranteed paycheck and without the ability to walk away:)  It’s a daily choice of mindset…choose wisely!

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