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January 9, 2023

It’s hard for me to believe it, but More Than Just Great Dancing® is coming up on its 12th anniversary! We brought on our first group of charter members in 2011 after a year of deep planning to establish the roots of the organization and fine-tune its mission to help studio owners succeed in business and in life.

Sometimes prospective members will ask me, “What is really like being a part of the MTJGD community? Sometimes it seems like there is a ‘secret sauce’ to what happens within the group, and it is a mystery to the rest of us!”

Well friends, I’m here to remove the mystery and reveal exactly what life is like within More Than Just Great Dancing® … here we go!

Monthly themes. Each month within membership we have a monthly theme for coaching and resources, like marketing, enrollment, social media, or finance. At the top of the month, I lead a group coaching call highlighting the theme, notable trends, and recommended best practices, and then we give our members free downloadable resources to implement at their studio, such as Canva templates, Google sheet templates, and stock photos. 

Specialized trainings. Our MTJGD Certified Coaches lead frequent educational webinars and offer one-on-one coaching calls. Some trainings are held on a regular basis (like our current Financial Fridays) and others are held as pop-up style events. Like with our group coaching calls, all additional webinars are recorded for our members to watch on replay as needed. And to layer on even more education and relationship-building, our executive members are invited to additional sessions with me, as well as industry guest speakers.

Forums. We have private online groups for each level of membership (community and executive) and they both stay extremely active each day. I’m proud to say that everything posted is supportive and solution-oriented, making this an invaluable resource for members who like to share, ask for help, and receive advice. It feels almost as amazing as networking in person!

Preferred partners. Our many vendor relationships provide members with discounted products and services, including everything from software and flooring to bookkeeping and costumes. I can’t say enough positive things about how we support each other’s missions. This is why I so strongly believe our ecosystem needs each and every one of us making our unique contribution to the industry!

Live events. And of course, one of the absolute best parts about membership is attending our live events: this season the events are Studio Owner University®, February 6-8 in Orlando, and Member Rally, July 25-26 in Las Vegas: back-to-back with Dance Teacher Web! These events are like breathing in rare air—you take a deep breath and you know you’ve found your people. <3

So, there you have it. This is what it’s like to do life together in our MTJGD community. We aren’t just here as your colleagues; we are your number-one resource for encouragement, friendship, education, and ultimately, the success principles to ensure you can live the life you desire.

If you are FIRED UP and interested in applying to join us, just click here to fill out our form or book a call with Mary, our general manager! I hope to see you SOON on a webinar, in the forum, or at a live event!




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