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Conduct a Culture Audit

February 5, 2024

Your studio’s culture is built from your values; it’s the way your mission and vision influence the atmosphere around your staff and students. Over time though, you may notice that the studio culture has shifted. It makes you wonder, “How did that happen? What can I do to fix it?”

The answer is to conduct a culture audit of your business. Evaluate these five questions about your studio culture, and respond to any “no” answer with immediate action steps to make improvements. The best part about making changes is that you will start to see (and feel) a positive shift right away!

Is the mission of your studio prominently displayed and understood?
Consider adding a culture poster and using it as a training tool for your staff and a discussion point for your students.

Is the work being done consistent with your business goals?
It’s key to communicate to your employees how their work affects the organization. Include them in goal-setting exercises when possible, and reward them as milestones are achieved.

How well does your studio handle problems and conflicts?
Every business has problems to solve, but if you are experiencing the same problems on repeat, it is time to explore different solutions.

How are people recognized for their efforts and milestones?
Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done. Find out what is meaningful to your team members so that you are prepared to reward them when the time comes.

Are there meaningful growth opportunities at your studio?
Growth opportunities help your people see what they are capable of. Your new staff member might be ready for more responsibility, or your veteran teacher may want to add an admin role. Young students may want to try a performing group, and older ones might be interested in assisting in the classroom. Develop the opportunities so you can develop the people!

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