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Common Denominator – Youth Sports & Dance

November 14, 2022

You always hear me say, “Dance makes great kids.” And it’s true! 

But as I have learned from my sons, youth sports make great kids too. It’s not that I didn’t know this before, it’s just that these days it is more and more clear to me how essential kids’ activities are. They all have a common denominator; they all help transform lives for the better.

I have watched my boys grow up through amazing local programs through the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Performance Elite Gymnastics, RUSH soccer, and now through the Logan Ranger athletic program, where Sam is a football player.

Just as I see children grow up in dance and become kind, conscientious human beings because of the time they’ve spent in our community at MDU, I see the same thing happening in each of my sons as they participate in sports and music. I love watching them discover their gifts and talents and hone their skills through the lessons in their chosen activities.

So, here is a huge thank you to our family’s teachers and coaches, for teaching those lessons and being the influence our kids need outside of family! Specifically to the Logan coaches, thank you for teaching so much more than the sport of football.

When I see Sam in a football game, I don’t just see the athleticism (although that’s there too!). I see a Logan Ranger family, I see confidence being built, I see adult mentors and student leaders, I see rigorous physical activity, I see perseverance and respect, I see teamwork and high expectations, and perhaps the thing that makes my heart swell extra-big: I see Northside pride!

As the halfway point of Sam’s senior year approaches, I’m thankful for the lifetime of local coaches who have helped us raise a great kid. Mitch and I met at Logan and have so many great memories of our time there—it’s no wonder I am emotional watching our son wrap up his high school career on the same grounds where my own dreams in life began to take shape.

In this gratitude-filled month of November, I am so grateful to the teachers and coaches who have poured into my family over the years at Logan, and especially now to those who are playing a pivotal role in Sam’s life. It’s such a cool experience to see him soar because of the village that has supported his education and goals. And it’s even better that I can see this from the perspective of a mom and as a teacher to others. It reminds me just how special and important it is to be a coach. <3

Proud to be #55’s mom,


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