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Carrying on Strong

March 7, 2022

As the U.S. approaches its two-year anniversary of the pandemic, in the face of much loss there is still much to be grateful for—especially the knowledge and tools we’ve gained for navigating this new season of life. Life isn’t the same of course, but we are beginning to see more touches of normalcy as the world moves forward into a new chapter. And yet there are still lingering effects… businesses may be more freely open, but they are not necessarily recovered.

The other day I almost cried when I saw a report from my studio that we reached 79.5% of our pre-pandemic enrollment. It’s a HUGE improvement from the 68% of last year and 50% of the year before! I’m thankful and determined at the same time—we’ve climbed such an enormous mountain already, but there are more on the other side.

And I know we’re not alone. So many small businesses—especially those that work with families and children—are still in recovery-mode, and many largely on their own, managing employee absences, inflation, backlogged supply chains, and more. But you know what we do? We carry on.

We carry on for the people employed by our companies; the people who rely on their work to make a living—and a meaningful life.

We carry on for the kids; the most impressionable of our population and the ones whose mental health needs are most critical.

We carry on because what we do isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. It’s worth all of the challenges in order to scale the next mountain… and the next after that.

As you scroll your phone or laptop today, I encourage you to skip the easy button of big box online shopping and post some love to your local business owners. I guarantee that the folks who live and work in your community could use the support. Share a post, give them a five-star review or recommendation, refer a friend, or make a purchase. 

I’m guessing Amazon won’t miss that extra order, but you’d probably miss your favorite local spot if it’s not there next year. Restaurants, boutiques, flower shops, bookstores, salons… they all make your community a great place, so show them some appreciation. <3

“Shop small” is a wonderful sentiment that gets a lot of hype at the holidays, but really it’s an all-year-long practice. It’s an investment we make every day in our communities. We shop small to celebrate, discover, educate, entertain, comfort, and share. We shop small to be present in our communities.

As business owners, we know firsthand the economic effects of post-pandemic life. And we are also consumers who can help shift the storyline, by supporting those just like us.

Keep carrying on strong, friends. We’ve got this! <3


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