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November 29, 2021

When I was a young dancer, I LOVED getting my hands on a new magazine. You can probably imagine that I loved Dance Magazine, but in high school I also had a subscription to Car and Driver! I can distinctly remember how my heart would skip a beat when the newest issue was finally available. I lived for the feel of the glossy pages, the incredible photography—and of course, the anticipation of what would be covered in that month’s articles and advertisements.

As I grew up and became more entrenched in the business side of dance, I had the same feelings about other publications, like SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. Magazines became part of my personal development, and I read them on repeat!

Now, it’s like living a dream come true to be the actual PUBLISHER of a magazine. INSight™ started out as a small publication for members of More Than Just Great Dancing!®. Today, it’s readership includes studio owners ALL over the world! Published twice a year, INSight™ is the ONLY magazine written exclusively for studio owners. From dance journalists to our MTJGD™ Certified Coaches, our contributors know the business of dance.

INSight™ offers a deep dive into topics like leadership, sales, budgeting, managing employees, vision-casting, and more. It also explores thought-provoking, important topics that relate to the evolution and sustainability of the industry, such as inclusion, safety, and yes, profitability.

We’re fortunate that INSight™ is backed by incredible vendors who want to see studio owners succeed. I’ve had advertisers tell me that they appreciate having the opportunity not just to BE in the magazine, but to support our overall goal to deliver inspiration and education. That’s what I call a strong ecosystem!

And here’s another thing: INSight™ goes BEYOND the surface, giving you real tools to put into action immediately! For instance, in our recent Build Up issue (still available HERE), MTJGD™ Certified Coach Crystal Carfagno wrote about how to analyze tuition for maximum benefit to your business. The article includes spreadsheets with examples so that studio owners can begin the thought-process right away. No excuses!



Here’s just a SMALL sampling of topics that will be featured in our upcoming issue, Be Empowered:

My encouragement for you is to find even just ONE article that could help you (and your people) become more confident and prepared. If you invest in yourself by reading INSight™, I believe you’ll reap the rewards all season long.

I have this picture in my mind—maybe it actually happens in real life—that there are studio owners out there who open an issue of INSight™ and immediately feel their shoulders relax. Right away, they feel understood. They sense the community and camaraderie within our pages. They feel a certainty that their studios CAN and WILL thrive. And they feel empowered to make changes to better themselves and their business.

I hope that YOU are one of those studio owners! If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy of INSight™, you can do so by clicking right here. It also makes a great holiday gift for your studio owner friends! 😉

We all know that studio ownership isn’t easy—but we also know that the work you put into it will multiply, rippling over to your family, staff, and students. And when you know there is a resource out there that is produced and supported by people who want to see you succeed at that work… well, that’s pretty darn special. INSight™ is truly MORE than just a magazine. It’s a community, workbook, and coach all rolled into one resource. 

It just might be the thing that empowers you to live your best year yet in 2022.


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