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4 Ways to Level up Your Team

March 2, 2024

Your employees are an invaluable resource to your business. They are arguably your biggest and best investment in order for your studio to achieve its mission!

But sometimes it’s a challenge to keep your staff engaged. They may seem disconnected or burned out, especially after these past two years. So how can you lift them up and empower them to do their best work?

Try these solutions to take your employees to the next level:

  1. Equip and trust them to make decisions. That also means creating space for them to make mistakes. Gradually offer more training and responsibilities, allowing them a chance to prove themselves.
  2. Role model positive problem-solving. Let them openly see how you handle conflict resolution and discuss what worked (and what didn’t).
  3. When they bring a problem to your attention, ask “What do you recommend?” Listen. When possible, try their suggestions or allow them to take the solution to the finish line.
  4. Celebrate wins, even small ones. Teams bond over shared effort. Be sure to reward your people for a job well done when goals are met.

As the studio leader, you are the coach—so don’t try to be one of the players! With your direction, patience, and encouragement, your team will step up their game.

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