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My 10 REAL wishes for you in 2017

January 6, 2017

Normally I would kick off the new year by talking about goals and business growth, but last week my son was in a pretty tough snowboarding accident while we were on vacation in Colorado.  He’s going to be okay in time and for that we are VERY grateful. God is good.

When your kids are hurt it can really change your perspective on what’s really important in life.  So I’m going to save talking about business growth and goals for another day and use today’s message to share my 10 REAL Wishes for You for 2017 🙂

​1. HEALTH – Wealth means nothing without health to enjoy it. I wish you abundant health…physical, mental, relational and spiritual health.

2. WEALTH – Not just the money kind….that’s the lowest common denominator. True wealth is about relationships and time. I wish you true wealth.

3. JOY – Joy is different than happiness. Happiness is situational. Joy transcends situation. It’s an outlook, not an emotion. I wish you grace for each day and joy for the journey.

4. GROWTH – We know as dancers that the only way a muscle grows is with challenge and stretching. Lean into your challenges, don’t shrink from them. I wish you growth.

5. FIRM FOUNDATIONS – That you would build your life on the rock of things that matter most at the end of our lives…family, faith, friends. Most business coaches would say, “What would you do in business if you could not fail?” I take a different view by asking, “What would you still have if you lost everything?” I wish you firm foundations.

6. FOCUS – Nothing causes more stress is than being stretched in too many directions and nothing creates more stability and progress than focus. I wish you focus.

7. RESILIENCE – May we be people that bounce and don’t break. May we rise when we face challenges. I wish you resilience.

8. CREATIVITY – Creativity is the opposite of burn out. It comes from the heart and is the well-spring of life. It gets us up in the morning and fuels our hopes and dreams. I wish you creativity.

9. BOUNDARIES – Knowing what to let in is as important as knowing what to keep out. Know which burdens to carry and which ones to bury. I wish you boundaries so you can choose your battles wisely.

10. UNITY – Unity in your families, businesses, teams and communities. Unity is the opposite of strife and drama. Unity is born of respect, patience and compassion and clarity vision. Unity in our country begins with unity in our homes and classrooms. I wish you unity.

Let us not leave 2017 the same people as we entered.

Grace and peace,

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