Teacher Training™ 2020

We're sorry! This event has ended!

Join us for the 6th annual MTJGD™ Teacher Training!

Teacher Training™ is an overall teacher development tool and focuses on key concepts like Building a Better Dancer, Technique Tutorial, Classroom Management, Parent Communication Etiquette, Dancer Development, Safe Conditioning and Strengthening, as well as Master Classes and MORE. Teacher Training™ is only open to More Than Just Great Dancing® members and their teachers.

Benefits of our Teacher Training:

  • Aligning your team with the MTJGD™ vision
  • Networking and friendships with like-minded teachers from all over the world
  • Inspiration for lesson planning and choreography
  • Classroom management training
  • Child development education
  • Teaching Technique with Richard Smith!
  • More than just dance teaching tips- how to teach the whole child, contribute to a thriving studio environment, and make a difference in the lives of those you teach!

Teacher Training is currently only open to More Than Just Great Dancing!® Members!

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