Sales Force Training The Accelerator™ 2020


The Accelerator is for experienced sales teams that are ready to kick it into HIGH GEAR!

Open to all attendees that have completed Sales Force Training Level 1, The Accelerator is an advanced sales course specifically designed for high performing sellers to get more RESULTS! Go beyond the selling concepts to maximize return on investment, convert massive leads, and supercharge your studio for sales profitability! One of the most intense trainings in the MTJGD series, The Accelerator, will shake things up with proven sales systems used to generate millions of dollars in sales! This 4-Hour Super Session will be a fast-paced, rapid-cycle learning environment that will leave you equipped and motivated to exceed your true selling potential!

Registration for The Accelerator is now OPEN for More Than Just Great Dancing!® Members! Check out the member dashboard for registration information HERE.

Training topics include:

  • Learning how to find and win more sales opportunities than ever
  • Expanding your customer-centric sales focus for real results every time
  • Deep diving into the strategies that Top-Performing Sales Companies Worldwide are using
  • Scaling for sales success with advanced systems and methods for lead management
  • Improving pipeline conversions and reducing dead leads
  • Discovering buying patterns and habits that reveal new sales opportunities
  • Implementing new selling efficiencies to get more accomplished in less time
  • Transforming existing resources for maximum revenue impact
  • Exploring how to train sellers on your team for increased confidence and understanding


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