Sales Force Training™ - Level 1 2020



Ready to transform your team into a powerful steam engine for sales and growth? Come to MTJGD’s Sales Force Training event and give your business a radical sales facelift! Get on board!


Registration is now OPEN for More Than Just Great Dancing!® Members! Check out the member dashboard for registration information HERE.

Training topics include:

  • Discovering your authentic sales style
  • Conquering sales fear and aversion
  • Identifying ideal buyer personas for your product and market
  • Exploring ground-breaking prospecting tools for success
  • Generating leads that convert to clients
  • Increasing profits and ROI through compelling sales processes
  • Learning key concepts for overcoming buyer objections and closing deals
  • Designing achievable sales goals
  • Creating a comprehensive annual sales plan
  • Retaining relationships and renewals


Don’t miss out!