Live Events

January 29-31, 2019

Join us for Studio Owner University in Palm Springs, CA! This event is the industry’s first university-styled training course designed just for dance studio owners. See you there!

Onalaska, WI

Ready to transform your team into a powerful steam engine for sales and growth? Come to MTJGD’s Sales Force Training event and give your business a radical sales facelift! Get on board!

Onalaska, WI

The Accelerator is for experienced sales teams that are ready to kick it into HIGH GEAR! Open to all attendees that have completed Sales Force Training Level 1, The Accelerator is an advanced sales course specifically designed for high performing sellers to get more RESULTS!

July 22-23, 2019

Join us for the 7th Annual Member Rally! Grow in leadership and business with Misty and the Tribe!

Onalaska, WI

This is an overall teacher development tool and focuses on key concepts like Building a Better Dancer, Technique Tutorial, Classroom Management, Parent Communication Etiquette, Dancer Development, Safe Conditioning and Strengthening, as well as Master Classes and MORE.

Onalaska, WI

The latest iteration of Sales Force Training™ is here! Join expert sales trainer, Alana Hess, for an unprecedented view of practical application sales training for teachers in the classroom. This training is specifically designed with educators and program directors in mind and will transform your teaching staff into sales and retention masters!

Coming Digitally to YOU

Over the years we’ve received several requests to take Manager Training into a digital platform allowing members all over the globe to take advantage of this event. This new evolution to the training will save you and your staff time away from the office and travel expenses while still benefitting from all the amazing new and fresh content of Manager Training.